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If you find something unusual in the operation of the air-conditioner, do not try to eliminate by yourself the problem in the air-conditioner itself. Check the other factors that may lead to the normal operation of your air-conditioner.

-          Is the air-conditioner plugged in

-          Are the safety devices (fuses) of the electrical board in good working order

-          Are the filters of the indoor unit of the air-conditioner overfilled with house dust

-          In what mode your air-conditioner works (if you accidentally have switched it to cooling while actually willing to heat)

-          What temperature you have set – you may have set lower (higher) temperature than the desired one and the air-conditioner may have turned off.

-          Sometimes air-conditioners fail to condition the premises due to the frequent opening of doors and windows.

-          If you have saved some money by choosing an air-conditioner with a lower capacity, it would most probably need a little bit more time to warm or cool the premises. In this case, it is necessary that you should wait your air-conditioner longer without turning it off, especially when temperatures are either very low in winter, or very high in summer.

In winter, when you have been absent for a while, sometimes it happens that your air-conditioner surprise you unpleasantly and not begin normal operation. The effect consists in 2-3 minutes of operation after switching on and then the whole air-conditioner turns off. This may be due to several reasons. Some air-conditioners have built-in protection which is activated when temperatures outside are very low and the room temperature is also too low. In this case, the compressor fails to increase the pressure of the Freon within the necessary time and the central controller reads it as a serious problem requiring intervention by an air-conditioner service specialist.


If you use multi-split air-conditioners, make sure that you have not accidentally set the cooling mode of any of the units. This is a rather common mistake when using this type of air-conditioners. Wrong commands towards multi-split air-conditioners will not cause damage, just an indication for an error in the algorithm will be displayed on the indoor units, to which a non-specialist will hardly pay attention.



It happens very often in Bulgaria that power supply deviate sensitively from the standard 220 V, especially during peak loadings in the network. If you do not have the relevant qualification, do not try to check whether this is the reason for the non-functioning of your air-conditioner. This can lead to a fatal outcome. Many air-conditioners can detect this problem and stop working in order to avoid damage to the appliance, as insufficient power supply may lead to burning out of the compressor. Unfortunately, in most air-conditioners it is much more likely that the compressor burn out, since nowhere in the world it is normal that the power supply is low and most air-conditioner manufacturers ignore this problem. If you have checked all these factors and they are all right, call specialists from a service for air-conditioners.

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