Delivery and installation of ventilation equipment

The company TOBI CLIMA delivers and installs ventilation equipment.

Human working capacity and health are often directly dependent on the environment he is in, on the conditions of the micro-climate in the premises where he spends most of his time. With the understanding of this truth, the standards in our country are gradually changing in accordance with the world standards. Many changes have also occurred in the ventilation and air-conditioning systems. 

In society has occurred a necessity of more advanced and modern appliances protecting human health. Tobi Clima, based on a great experience in the field of air-conditioning, offers an overall solution to issues related to the ventilation of apartments, houses and even industrial premises. We offer a full cycle of works on the development and setting of the engineering systems.


In the creation of this website specialists from our company aimed to explain, using as simple and understandable language as possible, what a ventilation and air-conditioning system is and how it is implemented in various domestic and industrial sites, as well as the usefulness of these appliances. Thus, we seek the customer to form a clear view of the potentialities of modern technologies so that they can positively influence his family’s and his own health. Not infrequently, one may come across ventilation systems that do not perform their functions. This is mostly due to the incorrect assessment of the determinants, such as head of the ventilator, noise generated by the ventilation and possibilities for its mitigation, loss of hydraulic pressure through the air and in the ventilation equipment, unbalanced and inappropriately chosen ventilation scheme that creates discomfort and or production problems. For the construction of a well-functioning ventilation system is needed balanced and effective equipment in combination with professional assessment and installation. Tobi Clima Company was created by us for you to make your life comfortable and cozy.


We offer you:

  • Ventilation of domestic, public and production sites;
  • Aspiration of kitchens, restaurants, cafes, clubs, wet rooms, toilets, etc.;
  • Ventilation of production workshops;
  • Ventilation combined with dust removal and air purification.
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